Wastewater Collection System Improvements

Town of Amherst
Wastewater Collection System Improvements

The Town of Amherst has contracted with Insituform Technologies, LLC for improvements to its wastewater collection system. The work includes the cleaning and rehabilitation of approximately 34,500 feet of sanitary sewer pipes with a cured-in-place lining, the lining of approximately 74 sanitary sewer manholes, the demolition and replacement of approximately 10 sanitary sewer manholes, and the installation of approximately 1,430 feet of new sanitary sewer pipe and manholes.

The duration of the contract for this work is 365 days from the effective date of April 11, 2020 and, unless there are extraordinary circumstances, the work will be conducted on weekdays between the hours of 7 A.M. and 7 P.M.

Most of the work under this contract will be done in public rights of way or in public easements through private property. In order to keep the public and property owners aware of this work, the town will be posting the contractor’s weekly schedule of planned work on the Town website. In addition, the contractor is required to provide seventy-two (72) hours advanced notice to businesses and residences that might be impacted by the work. Possible impacts include excavation and fill on private property, traffic disruptions, noise, and temporary, short-term restrictions on wastewater production while the work is underway.

The Town’s goal is to keep residents and businesses aware of and prepared for this work and to minimize disruptions.

The schedule for March 23rd through March 26th has the following work planned:
The replacement and rehabilitation of sewer line:

Off Town Court on  March 23;
East Court Street on March 26;
South Main on March 26;

For further information, contact: Marion Nado (410) 507-8835 or Curtis Markosky (904) 509-1584 with Insituform Technologies, LLC.