The Town of Amherst is served by two arterial highways  — U.S. Routes 29 and 60 — which intersect at a traffic circle within the Town’s borders.

U.S. Route 29 is a multi‑lane highway passing from Washington, D.C., through Amherst and southward to Lynchburg, Danville, and the cities of North Carolina’s Piedmont Crescent. About 15 miles south of Town, Route 29 intersects with U.S. Route 460, a major east-west highway. About 45 miles to the north, Route 29 intersects with Interstate 64 (east-west).

U.S. Route 60, a two-lane highway through Amherst, is an east-west highway stretching from the Atlantic Ocean at Virginia Beach to the Pacific Ocean at Los Angeles. Route 60 provides both a direct route of travel from Amherst to the state capitol in Richmond, and the area’s link with Interstate 81, a north‑south interstate that passes through the Shenandoah Valley.  Interstate 81, which intersects Route 60 near Lexington, Virginia, terminates to the north at the New York-Canadian border, and to the south at Knoxville, Tennessee. Also near Lexington is the westbound portion of Interstate 64 which permits easy access to West Virginia before ending in St. Louis.

All of the other roadways within the Town of Amherst are state secondary roads, frontage roads, or privately maintained streets.


There are no licensed public airports in Amherst County, but there are two regional airports that serve the Town. Lynchburg Regional Airport is located along U.S. 29 approximately 20 miles south of the Town of Amherst.  Falwell Aviation, Inc.,  a private airport located on U.S. 29, 3 miles southeast of downtown Lynchburg, Virginia.  Serving as the base for Falwell Aviation, the facility serves primarily general aviation. Both airports are used by small aircraft for business and pleasure flying. Commercial passenger service is available at Lynchburg Regional. Falwell Aviation also has facilities for the landing of small private jet aircraft. Air freight service is available from Lynchburg Regional. Other air services are available in localities such as Charlottesville, Roanoke, Richmond, Washington, D.C., and Greensboro, North Carolina.


Norfolk Southern’s north-south mainline between Washington, D.C., and Birmingham, Alabama, passes through the Town of Amherst. This line serves Clorox (formerly Glad Manufacturing).

Passenger service to the Town was discontinued some years ago, with little to no prospects of this service being resurrected, though the Amtrak Crescent, using the NS mainline, passes through the Town on its daily trip between Washington, D.C., and New Orleans. The Crescent may be boarded at Lynchburg and Charlottesville.


VIRGINIA BREEZE BUSLINE PIEDMONT EXPRESS connects the Town of Amherst to locations north to Washington, DC with one northbound and one southbound trip every day, except in severe weather and other extenuating services


The Town of Amherst is served by several interstate and intrastate motor freight companies located throughout Central Virginia.  These freight companies provide extensive coverage throughout the eastern United States and many areas of the Midwest and Canada.

Carrier service is provided by United Parcel Service, Purolator, Emery, Courier Express and Federal Express.


There is one taxicab company, Sandidge Taxi, which provides taxi service to Amherst.

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