Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Town of Amherst provides municipal sanitary sewer service to most residences and businesses within the Town limits and to several areas outside the corporate limits.  The sanitary sewer infrastructure consists of approximately 20 miles of sewer pipes, three small sewer pump stations, and the Rutledge Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, a 600,000 gallon-per-day facility located in the Zane Snead Industrial Park.  The Plant, expanded in 2005, holds a discharge permit, Virginia Pollution Discharge Elimination System, VPDES, with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, VDEQ, VPDES Permit # VA0031321, through November, 2019.

The Town of Amherst provides sewer services to residents and businesses within and several areas just outside the Town’s corporate limits according to the system map that can be accessed here. Sewer service may be initiated when setting up a water account at the Town Hall.
Please contact the Town at 946-7885 should you notice sewer main leaks in the street, etc., or if there is any collection system problem. If the problem occurs outside normal business hours, please call 946-9300.
System Description
The Town’s municipal sanitary sewer system includes one wastewater treatment plant with a total rated capacity of 600,000 gallons per day, three major pump stations and many manholes and miles of collection piping.
Connection and Availability Fees
The schedule for water connection (construction) and availability (impact) fees can be found in Section 17-12 of the Town Code.