Street Light Application

The Town has contracted with APCO to provide street light service in the Town. It is noted that APCO’s monthly rate for street lights has an included “aid to construction” allowance. Therefore, except in the most unusual circumstances, the Town will not provide up-front construction monies to fund the installation of new street lights.

Individuals requesting a street light or lights may go to Town of Amherst Town Hall, 174 S. Main Street, Amherst, VA 24521, between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM and pick up an application or download a printable street light application from this website. The form must include the names and contact information for all residents and business operators within 300’ of the proposed light along with verification as to whether those residents support the installation of a new light or lights.

Please note that in the case of new subdivisions, developers are referred to Sec. 18.1-1302.04 of the Town Code which indicates that “the subdivider shall obtain approval from the Town Council for the design of a street lighting system. The subdivider shall fund the installation, install or have installed any street lighting system serving the subdivision and make appropriate arrangements for its maintenance.”

For streetlight complaints please call 800/956-7237 or go to here for more information.